Mobile, Web and Enterprise Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Our mainstay mobile application development platform is Android and iOS from Apple. Besides the native app, we do develop on HTML 5 using Ionic framework to reduce customer development costs. The process of Mobile App development starts with developing UI/UX components. Once you are satisfied with the UI/UX designs, we start the development of those apps. Finished product is a well tested and highly optimized apps for your businesses.

Web Application Development

We do nothing below a responsive web application. The starting point is a fully functional and highly SEO optimized web sites. This is only possible by deploying proven and latest genre in programming languages and platforms which makes your sites future proof. Our work methods also blurs the lines between a front-end designs and a back-end designs making it possible to seamlessly carry out often at the development process cutting down on project duration.

SAP B1 HANA Development

SAP B1 HANA technology is rapidly being adopted by the industry due to its superior performance over the competing EPR products. SAP HANA is future proof, in-memory computing technology built from the ground up. It makes use of the columnar database rendering field indexing a thing of the past there by significantly improving database performance for analytics. We have positioned our services to help develop SAP B1 HANA extensions and Add-ons to our SAP Business one clients. We currently lead our geography in terms of HANA development superiority over our competitors.